I would say more: provided Thy work is accomplished in the world as well and as completely as it can be, does it matter which individual or group realizes this work?
THE MOTHER (Prayers and Meditations, in the prayer dated 13 May 1914)

YES – a one-stop resource station for Videos, Audios, Books, Blogs, Slideshows and Music on Yoga, Education and Spirituality, and related subjects such as Self-help, Psychology and Wellness, for children and adults, students and teachers; essentially for all those who are young at heart.

The overall aim of YES is to make learning fun by waking up innate knowledge, and pressing the knowledge into service for a better world.

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother were pioneers in introducing a life-affirming view of spirituality, and demonstrating its feasibility by putting it into practice. Further, they went to the root of the problems of human existence and attributed sorrow and suffering in the world to the current level of human consciousness. They worked towards creating the conditions that would support the evolutionary thrust towards a higher consciousness of the human race. But the homework that they have left us is to harness the atmosphere that they created on earth for accelerating the process of the emergence of a new human race with a perceptibly higher level of consciousness so that the affairs of the world would be inspired by love and oneness.

This site, the associated YouTube channel and the presence of YES on other platforms are all one-world, one-God ventures. They would try to bring together the best of material from all over the world to provide knowledge and guidance to those seeking to look beyond the narrow confines of a limited and limiting intellect for living a meaningful life based on the deepest truths of existence.

Material for the site and the associated YouTube channel is welcome from anywhere in the world, in any language. However, the quality of the material would be screened, with emphasis on the spirit rather than the form. Intangibles, such as the consciousness that has gone into the material, and the vibrations that it sends, will be more important than technical perfection. If the material is in a language other than English or Hindi, subtitles in one of these languages, or at least a gist of the material in one of these languages, would be required.

The site would not like to host material that:

  • Encourages life-negation
  • Emphasizes ascetic practices
  • Breeds a pessimistic view of life, the world, or the future of the world
  • Is centered around rituals and ceremonies
  • Promotes short-cuts to enlightenment
  • Reflects rigidity or exclusiveness
  • Fosters divisive tendencies, directly or through subtle messages
  • Promises supernatural powers as the products of spirituality
  • Promises miracle cures
  • Deals with areas peripheral to spirituality, such as astrology, past-life regression, etc.
  • Is in conflict with the aims and objectives of the YES project
  • Is in conflict with the spirit of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
  • YES is the brainchild of Ramesh Bijlani, an alumnus of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA. Professor Bijlani’s areas of expertise include Physiology, Nutrition, Education, Lifestyle diseases, Mind-Body Medicine, and Yoga. A prolific writer and an inspirational speaker, he is a spiritual seeker residing at Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi Branch. He loves to use the gift of communication that he has received from the Divine for dispensing small doses of love and wisdom from the inexhaustible pharmacy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

    OUR TEAM, which would keep growing (in alphabetical order)

    • Aditi Kaul
    • Aditya Pathak
    • Amit Arora – Founder, Aurodo educational toys
    • Arunima Pathak
    • Mankul Goyal (Dr.)
    • Mithu Pal – Academic Supervisor, Cambridge School, New Friends Colony
    • Tuhin Chowdhury